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Fighting Fear - Week 4 :: Easter Sunday
by Philip Bailey on April 12th, 2020
The Resurrection is more than just a historical event, it is life altering and is applicable for us today. What areas of your life can experience its life changing power?...  Read More
Fighting Fear - Good Friday
by Philip Bailey on April 10th, 2020
What a time to Reflect and Remember the tremendous cost that Christ paid for my sins.  His seven last statements help us to examine ourselves in light of His Great Love...  Read More
Fighting Fear - Week 3
by Philip Bailey on April 5th, 2020
A lot of times fear surrounds us and we can't see how we could possibly triumph over it. On that first Palm Sunday, You typically don't think of fear as a theme. But, when we look closer at the story, if we were there, would we be as brave as the disciples listening to Jesus when told to go get a donkey? Would we be as loving and as confident as Jesus knowing the trials that faced Him in the week ...  Read More
Fighting Fear - Week 2
by Philip Bailey on March 29th, 2020
Everybody wants to be able to be certain with what  is going to  happen.  When we don't know what is going  to happen, that uncertainty can cause us to fear.  How can  we  "build our house" on  the Rock, and experience God's Certainty ...  Read More
Fighting Fear - Week 1
by Philip Bailey on March 22nd, 2020
With most of the world in a state of flux over the CoronaVirus you can't deny these are strange time we are in. When there is this much uncertainty that leaves the door open for a lot of Fear to enter our lives. How can I fight the Fear that so easily seems to grip me from every facet of life...  Read More


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