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Currently due to the spread of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the regulations by the CDC and local government. New Beginnings Church is adhering to the security guidelines in place for the City / County.
We have temporarily placed our regular in-person gatherings for both mid-week, and weekend services, on hold. This does not mean that services have been cancelled. Rather we are meeting online for our weekend services as well as finding new ways of remotely  being in community  with on another. We are doing all this  to serve one another, and our community; so that we are  mindful of those who maybe at greater risk of this infection. Showing all the love, care and compassion Christ shows us. 

Recent Teachings

Did you miss a Sunday or just want to re-listen to the message?
We'll be casual.  We try to create a come-as-you-are kind of culture.  We have coffee and donuts, because they make everything better.  We'll have a live band that will play some amazing live music.  We'll have fun together.  And we'll try to learn something from the Bible about how we can live more like Jesus.
It's great living in community and being seen &  known.... but it is even better pouring back out the love Christ gives us to those around us by serving each other and our community. 
We are not some Club to hang out at,  or a place to sing karaoke songs, or even hear another TED Talk  on the weekends. No, we are here for the Los Banos Community  to provide a place for people to experience the Love and Grace God so graciously extends to everyone.