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Christmas Eve is all about JESUS.  He himself said "I am the light of the world".  Never before in our lifetimes has the "light of the world" been more appropriate than in these dark days of pandemic and upheaval, and uncertainty.


Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year!
It is the time we get to focus and reflect on the coming and birth of our Savior Jesus


Daily devotionals to read and ponder during each day of Advent, written by Christian pastors and writers from around the country. These devotionals will help guide you through the various themes of Advent, as we march toward the hope of Christmas.

Bible Reading Guide

A daily Bible reading schedule with select passages designed to focus us on the themes of Advent. Beginning and/or ending your day by reading these passages during Advent will help
to focus your heart and mind on the words of God that point us directly to the hope we have in Christ.

Family Guides

Creative, participatory practices that can be done as a family
or as an individual, which will help us viscerally experience
the hope of Advent.

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